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What makes language offensive and what is the turning point were previously offensive words become common place and ‘acceptable’? When will ‘fuck’ be used in full in print? when will it break the watershed? When will ‘cunt’ be used in print using asterisk? And what will be the new ‘cunt’? It’s fluid, beautiful, and fascinating how our language defines our generations and morphs so quickly! Just my thought for the day.



Get it off your chest

I believe that if you feel strongly enough about something it’s necessary to put it out there.

I just needed to get this off my chest.

I find it humbling and awesome to know that, as a human I am an insignificant piece of carbon. My little problems and tiny dilemmas are less then nothing in the course of the cosmos. All that being said, is it true that we are ALL insignificant? Biologically, maybe, but influentially? I don’t agree. All people have the ability to effect change, but few do. Even fewer can influence others to implement change, those who do this are are truly and honestly inspirational

1. I have changed the way I ‘believe’ … It is no longer just a blind agreement. I have ability to discover answers and I use that to form my own opinions.

2. The truth is just as awe inspiring as a lie is comforting. I would rather revel in the truth then hide in the lie.

3. I will pass this on to my daughter. maybe she will change the world